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Paul Gauguin's Islands of Tahiti Cruise

Have you been on the edge of your seat waiting for Cruising to come back? Look no further than Paul Gauguin to get your cruising fix in the paradise of French Polynesia. AFAR gives a great overview of the "something for everyone" Islands of Tahiti cruise.

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Slow Travel the Tahiti Way

AFAR Journeys features another original Tahiti Tourisme itinerary with a 14 day immersion into Huahine and Moorea. If you are looking for a more authentic glimpse into slow, island life, this itinerary could take you there.

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Tahiti Expects a May 1st Reopening

Tahiti Tourisme's CEO, Jean-Marc Mocellin issued a statement that borders will remain closed through April, but with the intent to reopen to tourism on May 1st. Tahiti continues its positive trends of reducing COVID-19 numbers within its borders and looks forward to welcoming back tourism very soon.

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Tahiti's Closure Expected To Be Temporary

Given discussions held between French Polynesian leaders and their French counterparts, Tourisme Tahiti expects current border closure, enacted on February 3, 2021, to be "very temporary". Eduoard Fritch, the President of French Polynesia, strenuously requested that the temporary closure of Tahiti be no more than three months in duration. Tahiti has seen much improvement in their COVID trends. However, leaders of France mandated the closure for all of its overseas territories due to fear of new COVID variants they were already seeing in Europe. French Polynesia's economy, and it people, depend on tourism. A closure of more than 2 or 3 months would be a devastating and avoidable mistake. Expectations are that the borders will be open for travel in April or May.

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France Mandates Closure Despite COVID Progress

As of February 3, 2021, Tahiti's borders will be closed again, temporarily. We expect borders to open again after 2-3 months. French Polynesia has been welcoming back guests since July, 2020. As of February 3, 2021, their borders will be closed again, temporarily. Despite Tahiti's progress in combatting the COVID virus, other areas under French rule have not fared so well. As a precaution, the leaders of France have mandated that all French Territories close their borders for a two month period. This is due to concerns in France about new COVID variants and is not correlated to the progress made on the ground in Tahiti. In the months preceding this mandate, Tahiti was trending very positively with decline numbers of cases. The leaders of French Polynesia have been very clear that this closure should not last more than 2-3 months.‍

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Islands of Tahiti Named Best Destination

The exotic Islands of Tahiti have won Travel Pulse's Travvy Award for the "Best Destination Overall" for 2020. We are not surprised. Once you visit, you will agree!

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