Over the years, our Specialists, Consultants and Advisors have helped thousands of travelers plan amazing journeys to Tahiti and her Islands. Below you will find some of our Insider Tips, Expert Advice, and Tahiti Travel Planning Insights, specific to the keyword above, to inspire and inform you as you plan your trip.

French Polynesia | Health and Safety Protocols
The Islands of Tahiti have taken great steps to enhance their Health and Safety protocols to combat COVID-19 while also maintaining a relaxing and enjoyable environment for incoming guests. The airlines, airports, tour operators, hotels and excursion providers have all committed to these new efforts.
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Tahiti | COVID-19 Entry Requirements
Our Tahiti Specialists have compiled a summary of the entry requirements published for travel to French Polynesia. These protocols were in place prior to the current travel restriction imposed on February 3, 2021 and are accurate as of the date above. We expect these procedures to continue upon Tahiti's expected reopening on May 1, 2021. However, additional guidance by the French Polynesian government specific to the reopening in May is forthcoming. Please check back with us for updated guidance once it is released.
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Air Tahiti Nui | COVID-19 Policies & Protocols
Air Tahiti Nui has adopted the updated Entry Protocols for both French Polynesia and the United States of America. For the convenience of our clients and fellow travelers, Venture Tahiti has provided a detailed overview of the new Entry Requirements for each country. As a passenger on Air Tahiti Nui, you will be required to adhere to these new protocols, which include mandatory COVID-19 tests prior to each flight. We encourage you to read and become familiar with the following summaries, as well as the corresponding source materials.
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Restaurants and Dining in Bora Bora and the Islands of Tahiti
We are often asked about the cost of food in Bora Bora and Tahiti. Food tends to be a bit expensive in French Polynesia. It is on par with dining out in New York, Los Angeles or Honolulu. If you are trying to stick to a preferred travel budget, regardless of how much you plan to spend, the cost of dining in French Polynesia should be considered in your travel and vacation planning.
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