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Over the years, our Specialists, Consultants and Advisors have helped thousands of travelers plan amazing journeys to Tahiti and her Islands. Below you will find some of our Insider Tips, Expert Advice, and Tahiti Travel Planning Insights, specific to the keyword above, to inspire and inform you as you plan your trip.

Where is Tahiti?
Just the mention of “Tahiti” or “Bora Bora” evokes visions of an idyllic, tropical paradise. Islands filled with stunning beaches, crystal clear lagoon waters, overwater bungalows, and warm and welcoming Tahitian people. Join us for a quick overview of the islands.
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Where to Start Your Tahiti Travel Planning | FAQs
There are so many beautiful islands and resorts in the Islands of Tahiti that it is often overwhelming when you start to plan a trip. Whether you book on your own or through a Tahiti Specialist, there are many planning considerations to evaluate. Below are some of the questions that our clients ask us when we are getting to know them as we help them to plan the perfect Tahiti Honeymoon or Vacation. Some of the questions below are specific to working with Venture Tahiti. However, many are helpful for all travelers.
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The Best Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti (2022)
It is always very difficult to officially rank some of these hotels as everyone on our team has their favorites, for different and very personal reasons. However, to avoid a six-way tie, we have done our best, with surprisingly little conflict, to come to a consensus. Please join us as we share our favorite overwater bungalows in the rest of the Islands of Tahiti.
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