Located just across the “Sea Of Moons” from Tahiti, Moorea rises out of the ocean like a cathedral. You’ll find high, sharp green mountain peaks crowned by clouds. Waterfalls tumbling down fern-softened cliffs. Peaceful meadows flanked by pinnacles of emerald green will renew your belief in the majesty of nature. Moorea tends to be a more active island than Bora Bora and others. It is a great place to immerse yourself in local culture and meet the people. Moorea offers a terrific selection of resorts as well as many land-based and water-based activities. We highly recommend a stop at The Belvedere – it is amazing to see Moorea’s volcanic peaks reflected in the crystal waters of Cook’s bay and Opunohu bay.


Moorea is a great place to rent a car for a day. There is a loop road that takes you all the way around the island – about 37 miles total. Stop at the Belvedere Point for amazing views of Cooks & Opunohu Bay, the Fruit Juice Distillery for free tastings and maybe stop for lunch at Le Hotel Tipanier at their fantastic beachside restaurant.


If you are combining Moorea with Bora Bora, you may want to start your trip in a beach bungalow or a garden bungalow with pool and then save the overwater bungalow experience for Bora Bora.


Our Featured Moorea Resorts:
        Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa
        Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort





Moorea is a very large island with a lush interior. This is our preferred island for land-based activities, however there are some excellent water-based activities as well. Here are some of our favorites:


QUAD/ATV guided tours on Moorea – 2½ or 3½ hours
After a brief lesson, get behind your guide and hit the road leading toward the center of the island. Drive up to the Belvedere Lookout point for some breathtaking views. Then drive back down to the Agriculture School where you can zip around the pineapple plantations’ dirt tracks and admire the tropical fruits and flowers around you. The longer tours do more off-roading and end with a visit to the amazing Magic Mountain.
Sailing Sunset Cruise (2 hours)
Let yourself go with the tide during this sunset cruise over the lagoon of Moorea. Embark with Clotilde and Arnaud, true sailing enthusiasts, aboard Taboo, a small Wharram catamaran. A cocktail in hand, enjoy the zen and warm atmosphere on board and the majestic hues offered by the landscapes of the island in the late afternoon.


Aito 4 Wheel-Drive Safari Tour (3 ½ hours)
A guided, 4-wheel-drive, open-air jeep safari experience exploring the volcano’s crater and incredible landscapes. Visit a pineapple plantation, Moorea’s School of Agriculture and its huge vanilla, banana, grapefruit and lemon plantations. Head to the ancient marae (temple) before driving to the Belvedere Lookout point for stunning views of Cook’s and Opunohu bays.
The Tiki Village Tahitian Feast: Show & Dinner
Come meet the Polynesians who will help you discover and share their culture, their art and their dance. Enjoy an authentic Tahitian dance show and feast on dishes cooked in the Tahitian oven, with an assortment of salads, tropical fruit and homemade pastries, welcome punch and wine included.


Aqua Blue Helmet Exploration (2 hours)
Put on your yellow helmet and follow your qualified guide deep into the lagoon where you will learn about the fish and shellfish you see down there. During all the descent and the trip, a fully qualified instructor fitted with a scuba diving equipment, will come with you to enjoy all the lagoon’s beauties. Once you have reached the bottom, you do not have to swim but only to walk simply among the coral mounds and many colored shells and fish.
GPS Self-Guided Driving Tour by Car – Automatic or Manual Transmission
Spend the whole day In the comfort of your own rental car, tour Moorea at your own pace. With the help of your friendly digital assistant, Digi-Guide, create your personal guided tour, leading you to the best spots on Moorea. 63 points of interest, recommended list of restaurants and activities available.





The resorts on Moorea all offer a great selection of fine dining on the property as well as more casual options. You will also find some very good local restaurants on the main island. This is a great way to experience some of the local flavor! Below is a list of some of our favorites.


Most of the local restaurants on Moorea will provide complimentary transportation to/from the resort if you make a reservation with the concierge staff during your stay


The Mayflower
Definitely one of the top dining options in Moorea. An exquisite blend of fine French cuisine and Polynesian flavors. It is also one of the locals’ favorite.


Since 2007, the Rudy’s is specializing in the finest French cuisine with authentic island influences. This local family owner has for more than 40 years of experience and also own other restaurants in Moorea such as the Maui Beach, Les Tipaniers and Coconut House.


Te Honu Iti
Classic French restaurant. Great food with a mix of local cuisine. Gorgeous views of Cook’s bay in a nice, local environment.


Les Tipaniers
The restaurant sits beachfront, with breathtaking views of the ocean and a small motu (islet) nearby. This is a great place for lunch if you are driving around the island. Many locals visit. They feature French/Italian cuisine.

Allo Pizza
No need to go to Italy for great tasting pizzas! Another great pizzeria on the island of Moorea is Allo Pizza – an incredible array of pizzas are made fresh to order in their very own special oven. Make sure you order their “Fruit de Mer” seafood pizza! They wil also deliver to most resorts!


Moorea Beach Café by Bruno Jamais
Moorea Beach Café is a café and restaurant overlooking one of Moorea’s beautiful lagoons, creating the idyllic setting for a New Cuisine in a musical ambience. The parking lot is right across the street but you can also come with your boat and park right in front at the lagoon. The owner, Bruno Jamais have worked in several famous restaurants in New York, Manhattan, in the island of St Martin (Caribbean) before moving to Moorea in 2012.


Holy Steak House
First Steak House in Moorea, it also offers fine wines and cocktails. Enjoy a delicious cocktail in front of a spectacular sunset show and a diner on the terrace with an amazing view of the lagoon up in the hills.


Featured Moorea Resorts