Rangiroa is one of the world’s greatest destinations for scuba diving! It is the largest atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago and the second largest in the world. When on the water, you can find manta rays, dolphins, sharks and even whales in certain seasons. Back on land, you can find black pearl farms, coral churches, craft centers, local restaurants along with a few tiny shops operated by locals. There is even a local winery nestled within a coconut grove!


Rangiroa means “endless skies,” which makes it the perfect name for this enormous lagoon. An “atoll” is a ring of coral around a lagoon with no volcanic remains visible in the center. So, unlike Bora Bora or Moorea, there is no main island in Rangiroa – just the reef protecting the lagoon from the ocean. To give you a sense of the lagoon’s scale, the inside of the lagoon is so large it could hold the entire island of Tahiti. The local people in Rangiroa mostly live on two of the hundreds of motu circling the atoll: Tiputa and Avatoru, close to the two passes holding the same name allowing access to the ocean.


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The atoll island of Rangiroa is all about the lagoon! Here you will find some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. Almost all of the available excursions are focused on being in the water. Here are some of our favorites:


Snorkeling in Tiputa Pass (2 hours)
Get up close and personal with a huge variety of marine life in Tiputa Pass. You will likely see huge schools of fish, humphead wrasse, manta rays and leopard rays and reef sharks. Then finish up with a visit to the natural “Aquarium” to see the multi-colored fish of Rangiroa’s lagoon.


Eco Tour and Dolphin Watch (2 hours)
Start the tour with a snorkeling session within the Aquarium to observe the lagoon fauna. Then, make your way towards Tiputa for a drift snorkeling session within the pass. Wrap up the tour by a dolphin expedition. Look for the big bottlenose dolphins, manta rays and sharks. Swimming time with the dolphins is only possible with clear weather and cannot be guaranteed.

Blue Lagoon Tour with Motu Picnic (Full Day)
Discover an incredible place known as the Lagon Bleu, a lagoon within a lagoon, just one hour from Rangiroa by boat. Feed tropical fish, bird watch, explore surrounding islands and go snorkeling before settling down to your picnic and seeing some sharks. Enjoy a locale “bringue” (local band) during lunch time on the motu (Barbecued Fish or Poultry with vegetables). After lunch, you will have a demo of coconut palm braiding, followed by a Shark & tropical wild Bird feeding session. On your way back to the village, you will stop at the aquarium for a great snorkeling session





Most of your dining on Rangiroa will be at your resort. There are a few small local restaurants and snack shops located in the village of Avatoru if you want to venture out for a bit of local flavor. There is also a grocery store when you can stock up on drinks and snacks for your room.


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