Tetiaroa is treasured among the Tahitian people as a sacred place. At one time, this uninhabited atoll with its white sand beaches and crystalline lagoon was an exclusive getaway for Tahitian royalty. Later, actor Marlon Brando fell under its spell while filming “Mutiny on the Bounty” and went on to become its owner. The island is a haven for birds, sea turtles and all kinds of marine life and offers.


Marlon Brando’s private retreat is now home to one of the top resorts in the world – the magnificent Brando Resort. The benchmark in luxury, this all-inclusive resort is becoming widely known for its incredible surroundings and service. Our clients returning from the Brando rave about their experience and many start to plan a return trip right away!


Tetiaroa is working very hard to protect the island’s environment. They hope to be granted a special status of a natural reserve in order to regulate access and promote best practices for a sustainable and responsible approach of excursions. The Brando Resort was designed for luxury, however they were very attentive to maintaining the ecology of their surroundings as they built.


Tetiaroa shelters one of the largest colony of birds in Tahiti. White terns, brown boobies, frigate birds, red-tailed tropic birds and the amazing great crested birds – whose colony is the only one in the Windward Islands – all coexist in Tetiaroa. Birds come to breed in this uninhabited haven, and their environment must be respected and preserved in all possible ways.


Our Featured Tetiaroa Resorts:
        The Brando


Featured Tetiaroa Resorts