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Planning a big trip is fun and exciting. But, with the world changing so fast, keeping up with news and recent developments can be time consuming. We are here to help!

We monitor the news releases and Tahiti related articles on a daily basis. Below you will find a curated collection of articles relevant to planning travel to French Polynesia, and related directly to the keyword above. Be sure to come back for regular updates as you plan your trip.

Venture Tahiti Quoted in Forbes on Tahiti's Safety

Venture Tahiti has been quoted in a recent Forbes Magazine article by Senior Contributor, Christopher Elliot. We have included an excerpt inside. "This Is How To Stay Safe When You Travel After The Pandemic"‍ - "A lot of people who want to stay safe while traveling during the coronavirus pandemic use other criteria to choose their destination — exciting, fun, or cheap. Mostly, cheap. That's a mistake, says Keith Smith, managing director of Venture Tahiti." A great way for travelers to stay safe as they begin traveling again is to be thoughtful and selective about their early destination choices," he told me. "I recommend traveling to destinations that have purpose-built health and safety protocols designed specifically for the resumption of incoming tourism." These protocols consider vaccinated or immune travelers and travelers complying with disciplined testing and entry requirements. If your intended destination has them, you can feel safer. Smith says places like Tahiti have been at the forefront of these purpose-built health and safety protocols, which allows visitors to not just feel safer, but to be safer."

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Venture Tahiti Releases COVID-19 Travel Guide

The Tahiti Travel Specialists at Venture Tahiti have recently introduced a comprehensive online guide providing resources for travel during the pandemic. In our COVID-19 Travel Resources, you will find a real-time COVID-19 travel update, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, new COVID-19 travel protocols introduced by the United States, French Polynesia and the airlines, and recent news articles related to international travel during the pandemic. You can also find suggestions on what to take with you as well as many health and safety protocols introduced by the hotels and resorts in Tahiti.

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Tahiti Tourisme Answers Questions on New Travel Requirements

For more details, click for a link to the source article.

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Tahiti Tourisme's Kristin Carlson | Reopening Q&A

An interview by Travel Pulse with Kristin Carlson, Managing Director of Tahiti Tourisme. Kristin provides timely answers on travel to Tahiti under the new Entry Protocols.

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25 Things to Do Before Your Flight

Lists, lists, and more lists. Venture Tahiti has made the Entry Requirements for Tahiti easier with our own Pre-Flight Checklist. But, Travel + Leisure have provided another list - The TOP 25 Things to do Before Your Flight! There are some great tips inside.

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AIG Announces COVID-19 Quarantine Coverage

Travel insurance policies are adapting to the new world of travel protocols, including COVID-19 testing and potential quarantine. AIG has introduced a new optional rider that would cover the accommodations expense incurred should you test positive for Coronavirus prior to returning to the United States. We encourage you to carefully consider the inclusions and coverage of several insurance offerings prior to making a decision on which policy to buy. Yonder Insurance makes it very easy to compare and contrast the policies and pricing of major carriers.

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Pandemic Coverage Becoming a Travel Insurance Staple

Millions of travelers have been disappointed over the last year due to canceled or postponed trips as a result of the Coronavirus. Adding to the disappointment was the realization that most travel insurance policies did not provide much, or any, coverage if the trip was canceled or delayed due to the pandemic. Thankfully, companies are offering more coverage options with regard to contracting COVID-19, being denied access to flights, or being quarantined. Since the pandemic, Venture Tahiti has expanded the available insurance options that they recommend to clients to help address some of these issues. Our specialists recommend that you compare policies very carefully and fully-understand what is and what is not covered. We recommend using a trusted comparison tool like Yonder to help you gather several quotes and select the best plan for your personal circumstances.

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US | COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Leave it to The Points Guy to give a nice synopsis of the new COVID-19 testing requirements prior to returning to the US. Never fear, the government of Tahiti, Tahiti Tourisme, and Air Tahiti Nui have already taken steps to make this very easy on its American visitors as well.

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Summary of Travel Insurance Policies

Conde Nast Traveler put out a nice piece, albeit "Pre-COVID", called "The 12 Best Travel Insurance Policies and Why You Need Them". We think the common themes in the article still ring true and all travelers should be well-versed on Travel Insurance. In our Tahiti Travel Tips piece called, "Should I Buy Travel Insurance", we recommend using Yonder Travel Insurance to compare and price major travel insurance policies that best fit your individual needs. It is a great tool and available through this link. Yonder also gives back to the global community. With every travel insurance policy sold, they donate a week of meals to vulnerable children in need in Nepal and Southeast Asia.

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